My photography career began in the early 1990s, while I was working full time in research. It started with a desire to do something creative in my spare time. As it happened, luck brought me to photography, but I never imagine it would change my life.

I still remember the day I bought my first film camera. It was a BIG moment for me. I’d never used a 35mm before, but I liked the camera – it felt natural to me. From that moment on, when I wasn’t working in the lab, I was out in the world taking pictures – simple straight images of warehouses & bridges.

At that time, I had already acquired a practical understanding of art: composition & general art history from my husband Marius who is a painter. However, I didn’t know anything about photography. So I took classes, read books on photography & its photographers, but mainly I learned by just doing.

As I gained confidence & skill, I then turned my attention to photographing people in unexpected candid situations. For me, it opened up new & different possibilities. Street photography is powerful, challenging, necessary as well as unpredictable. My work method is to keep an open mind, engage in my surroundings & never take anything for granted. I find most people open & accepting when I take their picture.

Over the years, I’ve traveled the countryside of countries like North & South Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, to photograph the hill tribe Minorities, who live in rustic surroundings in remote & mountainous areas. They are proud people under the overwhelming pressured of urbanization.

A few months ago, I bought my first digital camera & left academia to become a full time photographer.


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